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Keeping you globally local.

Mapian puts you in the center of the world where everything is happening in relation to you. Find out what’s going on in the next building, the next room and even around the corner.

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“School Spirit” Competition

For All Clubs, Associations & Sports Teams

1. Sign Up Group Form

Each member of a group has to make their own Mapian Profile. Under a group name, submit the completed form with each members name and contact as well as their Mapian username.

2. Get the Highest Combined Profile Score

As each user's posts get upvoted and downvoted, the combined score will total up on their profile. The scores of the top 5 members of each group will be combined as a group score. Each week we will release a leader board of the most popular club on campus based on this score.

3. The Student Group with the Highest Score Wins $500

The group with the highest score at the end of the semester will win $500 as well as bragging rights as the most influential group on campus chosen by the student body.


$500 cash prize for the School Spirit Competition from February to May

What We’re All About

As a map-based social network, Mapian will be an online community that provides smartphone users with user generated and geo-tagged (using digital maps) content, offering localized interactions with friends, feedback on places, venues and events. Think Snapchat but with posts on a map.

Be Globally Local

Find out what's happening around you wherever you go.

Be In The Here & Now

Get a live feed of what's going on, filtered by how close it is to you.

Be Recognized

The posts disappear in 24 hours but the score cumulates.

Be Engaging

Up vote what's good and down vote what's not.

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Map-Based Platform


Geo-Fenced Account Activation


Mapian is exclusive to university students, no one else can get in (#sorrynotsorry). Anyone can download the app but only students on campus can activate their account. Once activated, users can use it anywhere in the world while sending invite codes once every 24 hours.

Internally Mapped Campuses


Over the past year we worked with Google to internally map 15+ university buildings across Canada. The Mapian platform will use the functionality to allow students to share what’s happening on campus by individual rooms and hallways on each floor of every building.

Prepare to launch: #UTSC grad wins $100K from @launchpadshow for map-based startup @Mapian1


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